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POMPÖÖS Coffee Golden Shine - Harald Glööckler Bean Coffee

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POMPÖÖS coffee Golden Shine

This exquisite coffee impresses with its creamy, round aroma and fine fruit notes.

80% Arabica / 20% Robusta

For fully automatic machines and filter coffee.

It is the first time that ETTLI has developed a coffee collection together with a fashion designer. The limited coffee collection for Harald Glööckler impresses above all with its pompous packaging and sensual floral aromas that are just as extravagant as the designer himself. In addition to the strong POMPÖÖS espresso "Dark Elegance" with a wonderfully chocolaty aroma, there is the classic for those who love it Like lighter: the POMPÖÖS “Golden Shine” coffee with medium-strong aromas.

Look forward to sophisticated aromas for all the senses.

Grind: beans
Weight: 250g

An ideal gift for any occasion!
Delivery in 1-3 days
Demotex GmbH
Harald Glööckler

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